The Democrat's stunning win has ramifications for Trump and both parties
The Alabama Senate race is over. And Democrat Doug Jones has pulled off an absolutely massive upset, edging embattled Republican Roy Moore.
Alabama sends first Democrat to the Senate in a generation
Alabama voters are casting their ballots today as the nation watches their US Senate election between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones.
Roy Moore unwilling to concede: 'It's not over'
Judge Roy Moore addresses his supporters after losing to Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama's Senate election.
Read Roy Moore's speech after Jones' projected victory
Republican Roy Moore did not concede to Democrat Doug Jones in the US Senate race as he addressed supporters Tuesday in Montgomery, Alabama -- even after CNN and other networks projected Jones the winner, Jones declared victory and President Donald Trump congratulated Moore's Democratic opponent.
Tapper: Moore's loss is a huge defeat for Trump
CNN's Jake Tapper talks about what Doug Jones' victory in the Alabama special election means for President Donald Trump.
Read Doug Jones' victory speech
Democrat Doug Jones addressed supporters in Birmingham, Alabama, following his stunning victory in the Senate special election Tuesday. Read his full remarks:
AL Secretary of State: Unlikely Jones is not next senator
Moments after Republican Roy Moore announced he wanted a recount, CNN spoke with Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill who said that it is "highly unlikely" that Democrat Doug Jones is not the next senator of the state of Alabama.
Opinion: A devastating loss for Trump in Alabama
President Donald Trump should be sweating after the shocking outcome in Alabama's special election. Roy Moore's defeat is a huge blow to him personally and to the GOP as a party.
Alabama Secretary of State: 'Highly unlikely' Jones is not the winner
Secretary of State of Alabama John Merrill said it was "highly unlikely" that Democrat Doug Jones would not be certified as the winner of Tuesday's special election for the US Senate.
Psaki: 2018 is officially in play
There is nothing like a political upset to energize the party out of power.
Tapper stumps Moore spokesman
CNN's Jake Tapper fact checks Roy Moore campaign spokesman Ted Crockett, who inaccurately claimed that a Christian Bible must, by law, be used when being sworn into office.
Hillary Clinton tweets on Doug Jones' win
Following Democrat Doug Jones' projected win in Alabama's US Senate race, Hillary Clinton shared a message of optimism with her followers on Twitter.
Opinion: Alabama's message to women: You matter
Three words resounded out of the election of Doug Jones to the US Senate: women's stories matter.
WH qualifies Trump's false claim that he didn't know accusers
President Donald Trump claimed on Tuesday that he didn't know or had never met the women accusing him of sexual harassment and assault, despite evidence to the contrary.
Cillizza: USA Today bashes Trump as 'not fit to clean the toilets' in Obama's presidential library
USA Today isn't known for its blistering op-eds. Which makes the one the paper's editorial board just published on President Donald Trump all the more savage.
Analysis: The many layers of the Trump-Gillibrand feud
President Donald Trump's showdown with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand shows that the cultural moment triggered by allegations of sexual harassment is the most vibrant and emotional issue in politics.
Acosta: Sanders threatened my access
CNN's Jim Acosta says White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told him if he asked a question of President Trump at a bill signing, she couldn't promise he would be "allowed into a pool spray again."
NY bombing suspect's wife 'didn't know about radicalization'
The wife of the suspect in a pipe bomb explosion in New York was "surprised to find out what her husband did," police in Bangladesh told CNN, despite speaking to him 30 minutes before the attempted attack.
Tillerson says US won't set preconditions for North Korea talks
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the US is ready to talk with North Korea without preconditions.
Presumed North Korean ghost ship washes ashore
Another presumed North Korean vessel has washed up on Japan's shores, with at least one dead body on board.
Mom and son scramble 4 times to stay out of California wildfire's path
Emily Vedder's heartbreaking and heartwarming story of evacuation from the Thomas Fire has shadowed the path of the devilish inferno.
Review: 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' a letdown
If expectations for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" were inordinately (and perhaps unfairly) high, thank "The Force Awakens," which had a huge donut hole in the shape of Luke Skywalker at its center. Yet even with Luke integrated into the story, the film feels like a significant letdown, one that does far less than its predecessor to stoke enthusiasm for the next leg in the trilogy.
Sandy Hook families post chilling warning
Titled "Tomorrow's News," this video shows the possible early warning signs of a mass shooting.
Tax overhaul: Big changes to your paycheck
If Republicans succeed in passing a tax overhaul by Christmas, the law could mean major changes for your take-home pay -- not all of them welcome.
Trump Jr. asks for leak investigation
Donald Trump Jr.'s attorney, on behalf of the eldest Trump son, sent a letter on Tuesday to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence requesting an investigation into leaks from his client's interview with the committee earlier this month.
Tour de France champion failed drug test
Chris Froome, who has been the world's most dominant cyclist in recent years, failed a drugs test in one of cycling's most prestigious races earlier this year.
How Keaton Jones' bullying plea brought him more bullying
It started off so neatly: the perfect story to cap a rocky year, a reminder that commonality exists in the face of division.
Boy intervenes during sister's wrestling match
A boy runs in to rescue his older sister during a wrestling match. HLN's Melissa Knowles has the story.
San Francisco mayor dies at 65
San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee died early Tuesday morning at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, according to a statement from his office.
Actor comes out as undocumented
Hollywood actor and DACA recipient Bambadjan Bamba speaks with CNN's Ana Cabrera about his experience as an undocumented immigrant in the US.
People we've lost
A look back at notable people who have died in 2017.
The most popular GIFs of the year
2017, man. We laughed, we cried, we cry-laughed and, when words failed us, we relied on the sage power of GIFs and memes to communicate the deep unease coursing just under the surface of our daily existence. names its word of the year
Do you think 2017 has been a lousy year for the world? Then you'll probably agree with's choice for its Word of the Year.
Guinness releases world record holders
Guinness has released its list of 2018 world record holders, including the largest hula hoop spun and highest upward basketball shot.
Obama has 3 of the most retweeted tweets
The most retweeted tweets of 2017 feature a lot of politics, some calls to help hurricane victims in Houston, and one infamous tweet about chicken nuggets. Former President Barack Obama has the most tweets among the top 10 most RTed, with three, while none of President Donald Trump's tweets made the cut.
This state bumps Hawaii from the top of the list
Despite years of efforts to even out health disparities across the United States, some states are dramatically healthier than others, according to a new report.
Laid up with 'man flu'? It's real, researcher says
Don't doubt it: "Man flu" is real, or so says one Canadian researcher who was "tired of being accused of overreacting."
The happiest cities in America
I've spent my life traveling the world in the pursuit of health and happiness.
Opinion: 12 sodas a day. Is that so wrong?
So now we know what really makes people angry about Donald Trump. He drinks too much Diet Coke.
Mysterious object analyzed for alien life
Asteroid or alien? Astronomers analyze object that could be from another solar system. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.
'The Rock' and his girlfriend are having a girl
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's life is about to get a lot more pink.
These are the world's best cruise ships
Viking Cruises dominated theĀ 10th annual Cruise Critic Editors' Picks Awards with five wins.
A new meteor shower is upon us
If you're looking for a fantastic light show December 13-14, all you need to do is look up.
The Alabama Senate race in 280 characters
CNN Opinion is curating tweets from commentators on the Alabama Senate race between Doug Jones and Roy Moore.
Dear President Trump, please visit us in UK
Dear President Donald Trump, I've heard some rumors in the British media that you're considering a trip over to the United Kingdom.
Alabama winner may not take office until 2018
The winner of the Alabama special election Tuesday has the potential to shake up the Senate ... but probably not before the new year.
Jones: We have shown the country we can unify
Doug Jones addresses his supporters after defeating Republican Judge Roy Moore in Alabama's Senate election.
How partisanship won the Alabama election
Regardless of who actually gets the Senate seat, there's already one clear victor in the Alabama Senate race: partisanship.
Democrats face tough choice on DACA
With just two weeks until Congress is expected to leave town, the fate of roughly 700,000 young immigrants still hangs in the balance.
Why you might not be losing weight
Weight loss is still incredibly challenging for most people, as evidenced by the growing global obesity epidemic.
Huntington's disease drug trial shows promise
For the first time, an experimental drug has reduced levels of the toxic protein that causes Huntington's disease in humans.
What we learned from 'The Bachelor' special
ABC is getting us ready for a new season of "The Bachelor."
Morrissey denies supporting Spacey, Weinstein
Singer Morrissey took to Facebook on Monday in an apparent attempt to set the record straight after he was criticized over reports that said he defended that actions of Hollywood men accused of sexual assault and harassment.
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